Hemodialysis Machine

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A hemodialysis machine, or hemodialyzer, is a machine that serves as an external kidney for patients with reduced kidney function, kidney failure, or missing kidneys. During the process of hemodialysis, or dialysis, a patient’s blood pumped through a series of tubes into the hemodialysis machine, or dialyzer, which filters the blood to remove toxins and excess water, and balance electrolyte levels.

Parts of a Hemodialysis Machine

The dialysis machine has many parts, most of which are designed to properly mix, prepare and control a solution containing vital minerals and water called a dialysate bath. In the dialyzer, the patient’s blood is held in a chamber with the dialysate bath, separated only by a permeable membrane designed to allow for the passage of water and minerals, while retaining fat, proteins, and red and white blood cells. As the blood and dialysate equalize across the membrane, hemodialysis technicians can increase or reduce levels of waters and minerals, but periodically changing the dialysate solution. This obviously requires a high degree of hemodialysis technician training.

Home Hemodialysis Machines

Home hemodialysis machines are slowly becoming more common. They allow a little more freedom for patients, who often have to undergo dialysis treatments at a clinic several times per week, or even daily. With home hemodialysis machines, patients have a greater degree of flexibility for scheduling (and rescheduling) and are able to treatments in the comfort of their own home. However, the patient, AND a family member must undergo 6 to 8 weeks of hemodialysis technician training to ensure they understand proper safety and operational procedures for using home hemodialysis machines.

Learn to Use Hemodialysis Machines

Hemodialysis MachineHemodialysis technician training for clinic-based hemodialysis machines can offer a well-paying career with opportunities for advancement and training in related fields, such as nursing. You will learn how to safely operate a hemodialysis machine and manage all the components of the dialysate circuit, which allows for manipulation and control of the dialysate solution. Dialysis technician training also teaches basic health and medical safety practices, as well as dialystate disinfection and emergency procedures.

Training programs a hemodialysis tech schools vary a great deal, and follow state and federal regulations for health professions. So contact a professional training institution for more information.

Hemodialysis Machine Cost

Hemodialysis machines vary greatly in cost, from $2,500 to $5,000 for a new machine and setup. For home use, dialysis machines can also be found used for less than $1,000.

Fresenius Hemodialysis Machines

Fresenius Hemodialysis Machines were the first machines with volumetric fluid balancing. Fresenius Medical Care North America has continued to improve upon their machines, including the introduction of Clinical Data eXchange (CDX), which allows for the quick transfer of clinical data.